Game Publishing built
for the indies !

Game Publishing built
for the indies !

About Us

TA Publishing is a France-based publishing company focused on offering the best support to help you distribute your awesome indie games. We are indie developers too, so we understand you. We are small, we are agile, we are great. Try us!

Our Games

Dandy & Randy

Dandy and Randy is a 2D top-down old-school arcade game featuring two of the worst archaeologists to ever grace the Earth. Help them in their adventures by finding treasure defeating enemies, fighting bosses and discovering secrets! Can they pay off their debts? It's up to you to find out!

Game Studio:

Asteristic Game Studio

Rise Eterna

Rise Eterna is a tactical RPG, tribute to the 90's area! Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Duis vehicula magna sit amet elementum tempor. Nulla finibus, libero id molestie lobortis, mauris sapien ullamcorper elit, eget ornare sem quam sed massa.

Game Studio:

Makee & RicciCedricDesign

Contact Us

  • You are an indie developer
  • You have a great game to show us
  • You need funding to complete your game
  • You want to start a long-term relation with a fair publisher